Fast Track to Real Estate investing


Your Learning Center’s Fast Track Program “Beyond The Basics” can help you make Thousands of Dollars, Plus Save you Countless Hours of Time!

Have you bought books and tapes on

Real Estate Investing that promise success:
NOT making Money?
Tired of wasting your Time?
Tired of READING about real estate investing
and NOT actually doing any deals?
Are you LOST about where to start in real estate investing?
Want to take the FEAR out of real estate investing by learning and
implementing successful systems that allow you to develop a real estate investing business and not simply a hobby or just another job?

Shortening the Learning Curve with Turnkey Profits Using various investment techniques such as Lease Options, Subject To, Contract for Deeds, Bird Dogging, Become a Master of your Business, Wholesaling, Retailing, Learn to do home Inspections Quick and Easy, Rehabbing, Marketing, Creative Financing. OPM – Other Peoples Money, Building a Team, Getting Organized Time Management and Quick Books Pro, Set up your web page.

What You Will Learn Is Essentially What You Need To Buy or Sell
Nearly Every House That You Come Across Using

No Money Out Of Your Pocket
No Bank Loans
Very Little Risk
No Fix –Ups
Fast Turn-Around And No Hassles


You will be able to net a much higher income and prices, you will be able to sell in less time with less effort. You will also learn to buy with none of your own money and profit from a nice monthly cash flow. You will learn a simple way to buy houses, which will convince you that real estate investing is the idea of the old and new millennium.


Fast Track Package structure:
This Fast Track package includes

helping you develop for yourself
The latest contracts
Checklists for buying and selling
Special reports
Marketing materials that get results
Conference calls to discuss deals & issues
Ability to partner and be guided through deals
Additional Update training on various related Real Estate Subject matter.
Plus, a team of experts to help you grow your business (Attorneys, CPA’s, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, and other industry professionals.)

Just Ask your self these Simple Questions:

Have you bought a course and still aren’t quite sure hot to get going?

Do you have a possible deal in the works, but aren’t quite sure how to get it signed?

Do you just need some help and want to be walked through your first deal?

Would you like to have a seasoned investor friend to call on for help in doing deals?

We offer a Multi-faceted Game Plan Approach. We have developed a team of seasoned investors to provide a new Fast Track service. We offer four “packages” to best suit your needs.

A.     Three week “Boot Camp workshops” and 3 months deal mentoring via the “Beyond the Basics Fast Track Program”
B.     11 sessions “Beyond the Basics Boot Camp” A Crash Course.
C.     I have no time & all the books No Books No Classes Just Deals. (Bring me deals I’ll pay you)
D.     Pay as you go plan. No commitment (which are you the chicken or the pig 1 was committed).

We Specialize in: “Subject Too’s”, Lease Purchases, Options, Lease Options, Trusts and other similar strategies no matter what your deal is there is a good chance we can help.

Getting Past the Learning Curve: (Some things you can’t get from books)

Many new investors study course after course and never seem to make it past the learning curve. While we ALL KNOW that education should be an ongoing process, actually doing deals is the ABSOLUTE BEST method for learning.


Author unknown…

Journey With Us on YOUR Road to Success:

With us we will show you how to “shorten the learning curve”.

Learn how to invest by doing.

Hands on, On the job training.

It sure is a lot easier to learn different techniques when you are applying them
and making money.

Proactive Strategic Action!!!

We all accelerated our learning by getting out there and doing deals. When we found a situation we were unsure of how to handle, we talked to our mentors. They helped us to reach levels of success that we had not imagined before.


Author unknown

What do we get?
What Goes Around Comes Around
“Some call it Karma”

By providing this service, we are giving and also attempting to give back. We know if others did not help us then, we could not help you now. We will also ask that you help others in their quest to better themselves. We are still out there “in the street” everyday doing deals, so this is real life, up to date experience you will be getting. Not theories, everything we offer you is tried and true, real life investing techniques we have used and we currently use that work.

Beginning -to- End All the Steps Clearly Revealed For Strategic Application:

Whether it’s negotiating your first deal, or just trying to understand how an agreement is structured, we can help you.

Networking with “Seasoned” Creative Real Estate Investors :

Wouldn’t it be great to have investors at your finger-tips who have been “in the business” successfully productive for a few years-and to be able to call them when you need help on structuring the most strategic deal to net the best financial advantage and outcome?

No More Reluctance; Confusion, Hesitancy and Lost Deals:

No more looking like you don’t know what you’re doing when you talk to a seller. No more confusion over how to turn a potential deal into a DONE deal.

My Team is Here….For You!!!:

If your dealing with us on a deal you don’t have to worry about looking up in the Yellow Pages to find an attorney or mortgage broker to help you complete your real estate transactions, these are experts that “SPECIALIZE” in creative real estate, and understand what we do. So you don’t have to be at this alone nor do you have to take months or even years to build a team that knows your business.

We do not “guarantee success,” that is up to you, – but if you are SERIOUS about investing, then now is the time to act!



* We Guarantee Your $$$$ Back:

Best of all we will GUARANTEE your money back, We are
so confident that the advice that what you will receive will make you money (if you act on it) that we will refund your initial Fast Track fee from your first deal, with us.

You cannot lose, the only way you can fail is if you fail to put forth a sincere effort.
So take that first step and get started!

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Setting up your business
  • Financial Independence w/ monthly cash flow from real estate;
  • Sources of good lead generation;
  • Targeting sellers who will deal;
  • How to get motivated sellers calling;
  • Finding homes the simple way;
  • Make offers on houses that others pass by;
  • Buying from landlords who need you;
  • Buying houses to sell lease purchase:
  • Buying your own home creatively;
  • Evaluate and seal deals before you go to see the seller;
  • Asking the right questions before you make an offer or look at the home;
  • Negotiate and enter a deal that guarantees no risk;
  • Setting your profit target;
  • Judging seller motivation;
  • Knowing how much to ask for and when to ask;
  • How to get access to the MLS without the annual fees and Realtor license;
  • Different ways to get mortgage brokers and real estate agents to work with you
  • Structuring joint ventures that work;
  • Negotiate discounts for early payments;
  • Taking properties “Subject to” existing loans;
  • Increasing profits, indexing sales price;
  • Get your buyers to front money for you if the sellers require it;
  • Improve profits by selling to the right buyers;
  • Avoid being the stressed landlord;
  • Streamline rent collection process w/o collecting rent yourself;
  • Structuring terms that guarantee that your buyers will succeed;
  • Get more monthly cash flow;
  • Selling houses w/o fixing them up;
  • Traps to avoid when buyers attempt to get their own financing;
  • Getting money out before closing;
  • Get buyers to fix up property free;
  • Screening to eliminate flakes;
  • Stop buyers complaints about traditional landlord issues;
  • How to avoid evictions and foreclosure;