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Tony, you and Pat has been of great and imeasurable help to me and my investing career. The fast track course that i took and keep repeating has greatly assisted me in knowing how to run a real estate business, I am finally making money mostly from the techniques i obtained from your training.My mortgage bussines is taking another dimension all together – growing bigger and because of your efforts towards my growth thank you Tony.

I keep saying that had i met you before , i would be wealthier right now- i made several mistakes (expensive) .Now that i do know your enthusiasim to assist me and others , i will grow bigger-thanks once more. I wish you and Pat the best of your investing career in the 2006 year- and i mean this from the bottom of my heart wambugu thuo

“Tony held my hand and walked me through my first table-top closing. He showed me how to get in and out without using any of my own money.

He helped me with my first open-house and he assisted with my first short sale. You could not find a better trainer anywhere”

Thank you Tony!!

— S.Russell, Queens NY www.webuyhomesanywhere.com


Thanks for your advice Tony. I really appreciate your constant guidance in all aspects or real estate. The Fast Track Team and all of GSREIA are very lucky to have you as a resource in these issues. I wish you, Pat, and all of Fast Track Team members a Happy Holiday season and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Paul Gichuhi


Congratulations on a successful FTX weekend.

I want to express my appreciation & admiration of you both. You’ve worked very hard.

I saw the changes in the course work that are noth responses to team members suggestions, and your own desire to make the program better.

Your efforts are stars in the night sky as I atempt to navigate territory unknown & unfamiliar to me. I’m oftern frustrated when I bumble, stumble, and fumble, but I’m also encouraged by the committed hands you extend, to help me.

With deep appreciation, I thank you..

Michael Jesser —


(Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself)

I have purchased many real estate courses and have spent thousands of dollars on seminars within the past year, without any closed deals. Upon joining the Fast Track Team, I’ve learned teh real nuts and bolts true life real estate strategies needed to help me succeed in real estate. The FastTrack training along with networking with fellow Fast Track Team members have contributed to myself closing two deals within my first six months grossing $45,000. I owe this success to Tony Reaves and the Fast Track Training Program.

Darrell Jackson Rahway, New Jersey


At the time I took the Fast Track program i had very little experience in creative RE investing and a slim investor contact network. And I haven’t realized until recently how valuable this support network is. The fact you can contact Tony or/and Pat at any time with your questions and reach out to your fellow

“Trackers” is invaluable. I like that the program is spread out over a period of time ( you have time to implement what you learn), tha you can repeat it, and importantly, that every Monday night you can bounce your questions by your friends from the program and Tony himself.



“If you are serious with your Real Estate investment busines, you won’t get better support anywhere else than from the Fast Track Training Program. I’m a beginner in the business,but i feel that I can go ahead and owrk on deals confidently because I can contact my Fast Track trainers anytime and get rea lsolutions. I know will be successful in this business because the Fast Track program is helping me set up my business the right way from the get go. This way I won’t have to learn from consuming and costly mistakes.”

Mirian Broader


Enjoyed everything very much look forward to doing it all again. Ken Apple
I wasn’t a believer before this weekend that the team might be right for me. However, I was Blown away by the end of the weekend by what I saw. Tony & Pat have to offer and how they are stretching the ‘EXTRA MILE’ to help new people like us. I stayed around as long as I could this weekend to learn from them, but they stayed around longer, and got there earlier the next day! … I am just so inspired to say to any unbelievers like I was that, “if you reach out to them that they will meet you more than 3 quarters of the way to try to first help you, and then teach you.”

We are truly lucky to have the program..because the knowledge you can learn through it will probably save you a lot of time and money if you utilize what you learn from Tony and Pat and the team members.

Lloyd Hassell


Shortening the Learning Curve with Turnkey Profits Using various investment techniques such as Lease Options, Subject To, Contract for Deeds, Bird Dogging, Become a Master of your Business, Wholesaling, Retailing, Learn to do home Inspections Quick and Easy, Rehabbing, Marketing, Creative Financing. OPM – Other Peoples Money, Building a Team, Getting Organized Time Management and Quick Books Pro, Set up your web page.

What You Will Learn Is Essentially What You Need To Buy or Sell

Nearly Every House That You Come Across Using

What about the Classes

Dan Stojadinovic

Tampa Bay REIA

I just wanted to thank Tony Reaves who presented one of the most useful Saturday seminars ever: Mastering Business & Entrepreneurship.

He organized very well step by step all the considerations a real estate entrepreneur should have to be organizes, efficient and profitable. A lot of us know about many of these systems, but often don’t implement it, so this really helped us understand in what direction to go to get the business more profitable. It was my first time to hear this presentation, and as a real estate promoter who has been to 50+ seminars, I was pleasanntly surprised and blown away with his witty presentation skills. It wasn’t boring and it was very educational, we got very positive reviews. There will be a follow up phone conference, we are working on securing 100 phone lines and will send out an email in the next day or two. … Also we plan to invite Tony back next year… I have to admit I didn’t understand the full value of what Tony was teaching, and now I understand it’s crucial to every investor. The message is we are all business men/woman and we have think that way, and we have to understand the best practices and continuously work on improving the marketing, organization, entity selection, time utilization, and much more. We had 58 members attend, I’m sure next year there will be over 100 now that the word is out about this program.

Dan Stojadinovic          [email protected]

Tampa Bay REIA


It would be great if we could do this once a month.

I would love to go out and inspect houses estimate repairs & make offers again.
D. Jackson

I liked the analyzin cost of repairs and calculating offers and then writing up the contracts. E. Maldonado

TRUSTS & Entities
An excellent  program with a lot of extremely valuable inforation very helpful.
Joe & Claudia Monello

The information was very  advanced for me. Tony you are Great. Essam Khafaay

  • No Money Out Of Your Pocket
  • No Bank Loans
  • Very Little Risk
  • No Fix “Ups”
  • Fast Turn-Around And No Hassles


You will be able to net a much higher income and prices, you will be able to sell in less time with less effort. You will also learn to buy with none of your own money and profit from a nice monthly cash flow. You will learn a simple way to buy houses, which will convince you that real estate investing is the idea of the old and new millennium.


More From Fast Track Students on the Real Estate Investors Fast Track program and The House Buying weekend

Diane Wolff in the house buying weekend.  I enjoyed the Full explination of the Inspection Process, and the cost analysis. Great Experience

Robert Wolff – Hands on experience was Great!! Overal Experience Great!!

Lavarra Hines – Excellent Experience, Knoweldgeabel instructor, and walking through te subject proeprty and evaluating the entire property, I liked the most.

Dee Stephens – Excellent Experience this was my second Trip – Wokring through the analysis sheets going over to the houses site. I also liked the Home Depot tour. Additionally I found the this weekend very impoortant to the success of any new investor.  The hands on experience is invaluable to my success, class time is important but hands on is very important.

Heather Diamond Good experience, liked most hands on experience. … the days run real long.

Maulton Powers Overall experience EXCELLENT, I liked most the hands on experience of going to houses inspecting and analyzing the properties. Great Fast Track Program

Mark Stephens Good overall experience, knowledgeable instructor. Most liked aspect was the on site review of properties and analysis of costs.

Randy Kuhn good experience, Liked most was the Fact that Tony walked us through the proeprty and showed us what to do & look for. Instructor was very knowledgeable.

Michael Barcadepone Excelelnt overall experience, I liked figuiring out what to offer and putting actual numbers onto real deals.

Carolyn Page my expericence was excellent, I liked calulating the amounts arv, repairs etc, I hated teh yukki dirty basements…  Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this exercise. I don’t know if Iwould have found somene to help me understand the evaluation process. Thanks for making it simple.. THANK YOU!!!!!

Mark Younger  Good experince I liked the field work , would have liked to spend even more time on the numbers, I liked using real life deals & houses, Great Class!!

Albert Raiani  Excelelnt experience for me, the instructor was knoweledgeable, the Practical , first hand experince and the systematic & methodical way to analyzing a proepry i really liked.

Cyndy Boykin I liked this program because of the hands on experince it was an excellent program , I owul dlike to attend another weekend,

Frank & Donna Lang  We liked the knowledgbel and experienced trainers. Exceelnt experience.

Marlene Bragg I liked the field work and I like the fact we each got a chance to crunch the numbers on various aspects of the proerty evaluation.

Jim Fisher Excellent experince, I liked inspecting the houseses estimating the repairs then making the actual offers we evaluated. Excellent weekend Tony & Pat.

Ariel Castillo The experince of inspecting Houses & figuring the numbers to make real offers on houses. Excellent Experience.

This weekend was my first Fast Track weekend.  I really enjoyed all the information I received.  I’m always reading books on realestate and fianance and never really get the big picture. This weekend I got the picture.  I understand how important Trusts and LLC’s are and how you need to protect yourself in this sue happy world.  After this weekend I told myself to pause on the big deals in realestate for a bit, regroup and understand all of this information. O! Great ideas for time management.  That helps me out already….              Ernest Curry

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